I feel inspired, and therefore I write.

I used to write a lot in high school, but the demands and rigour of university took the passion and desire to do so away from me.  Starting this blog has renewed the spirit in me to write.

Today I am inspired in a different way.  It began with Ron Clark, the principal at Rundle College Elementary.  He gave a great presentation on connectedness.  He spoke about many things that we already do here at Rundle College.  What I love about this institution is that we do connect with students, staff and families.  I have built so many valuable relationships with not only my students, but their parents and their siblings over the 7 years I have been at Rundle.  It is truly an amazing community that I work in.  Ron touched on the fact that the connectedness starts with a phone call to the school - a school where a real person actually answers the phone.  We, as teachers, continue this connectivity with relationship building internally, but what I loved that he talked about was the external connectivity we have.  We do.  We work on that all the time without realizing it.  The question he posed was, "What is it that people are saying about Rundle College at their dinner parties?".  I can tell you that I have experienced this dinner party conversation, but I have been the promoter.  I love this school that I work at, and I believe that if my children want to go here, they shall and have the BEST education possible.  This leads me to what else I am inspired by...

My colleagues inspire me.  I work with so many extremely talented people.  I am not a science person, and I certainly didn't do well in physics in high school, but listening to Alana and Aaron talk today (two of my science-minded colleagues), I was inspired.  They took units in their disciplines and leaped BIG by trying inquiry learning.  They had success and to hear them talk about the experiences they had inspired me to take a leap.  I now have another goal for the year.

Finally today, I was inspired by our new headmaster, Jason Rogers.  This guy is simply amazing.  When I met him a few years back I knew he was a great guy, but I think he is going to take Rundle to higher places and let me tell you - we are soaring right now!  Jason has talked about creativity, trust, and kindness.  He has asked us as a staff to be "kinder than necessary", and he has expressed how we connect and should continue to.  I am excited to begin my school year because I know I have great leadership in this school.

I am so many ways.  Thank you to everyone I work with, as you are part of this.


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