On Becoming A Google Certified Trainer

This week a goal that I have been working towards for a few years now became a reality.  I was accepted into the Google for Education Certified Trainer's community.
Since I discovered and began using GSuite, I have been a huge believer in how they can change the landscape of teaching and a person's classroom.  It has certainly changed the way I teach, and it has changed the learning that takes place in my classroom.  In addition to improving the learning, my student's have empowered themselves through the massive organization that Google Drive and Google Classroom has allowed them to have.  Like I said, I am a HUGE believer in the products.

Not many people understand what it means to get certified by Google for Education.  I know that when I began getting certified and passing exams, nobody around me at work truly "got it".  "Oh, that's great!" they would say, but not truly understanding what a personal achievement it was for me.

When I was accepted to the Google Innovator Academy and became an Innovator, this was one of the most amazing accomplishments for me professionally.  Once again, nobody around me really understood.  We even discussed at the Academy how we can help those who don't understand to comprehend what an accomplishment it was for us.  It meant so much to us.  It meant we were part of a larger community and we had access to that wide PLN for questions, answers, discussions and brainstorming.  We were being acknowledged as CHANGE-MAKERS.

Now, in becoming a Trainer, people are asking, "What does that mean?"  My answer is simple, "It means that Google for Education sees me as someone who is qualified to train other amazing educators on GSuite, and I have a commitment to helping others through training sessions throughout the year."  

Being an Innovator and a Trainer are likely the two biggest professional accomplishments for me since becoming a teacher.  I am passionate about helping other educators find their mesh with educational technology.  I love empowering teachers by showing them the "cool" things that make them go, "Oh wow!".  It inspires me to hear their stories about how they have used innovative tools and GSuite in their classes.  I am overwhelmed when people say they loved my sessions and can't wait to try what they have learned in their classes.  This is what being a Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer mean to me.


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