A Decade of Memories: Time for Change

I am sitting at my desk at Rundle College Junior High at the beginning of my final week of work here.  So many feelings are circling in my mind as I sit and watch my final homeroom complete their math exam.

About a month and a half ago, I sat down with my headmaster, Jason Rogers, and talked about wanting a change here at Rundle.  I had been asking for change for a few years now.  Not that I am ungrateful or unappreciative for the position I have, as I am and I love it.  Teaching Language Arts is great (minus the marking!), and my department is full of amazing educators, but over the last few years, as you have seen on this blog, I have been developing another side of my professional life.  I told Mr. Rogers that if there was nothing in the way of educational technology, in the capacity that I desired, then I would likely be asking for a leave, or to resign.  Currently, Rundle does not accommodate leaves of absence, so I resigned.  Handing over that letter of resignation was HUGE.  It meant giving up so much that was secure, and a huge part of my life.  For ten years I have "Bled burgundy and grey", and now I was going off into the "unknown".

I truly did have an unknown, as I thought I would try my hand at just being a consultant, but within a week of saying goodbye to one job, another opportunity presented itself.  Serendipitous?  Perhaps!

EdTechTeam Canada was looking for someone to do more admin type work for them, but it also carried with it more opportunity to speak at their events.  After an interview with three people I highly respect (Michelle, Jeffrey and Emily), I was offered the job.  Maybe it was because I didn't say my favourite chips were ketchup??  This job would present a new challenge and an exciting new future.

So, back to Rundle.  So many memories over the last decade.  I have been able to coach volleyball with some highly respected volleyball members of the Calgary community, and have coached many successful teams.  I am grateful to have won 7 championships, one silver medal finish and one bronze medal finish.  I am lucky to have learned so much from over 100 girls that I have coached.  I have learned in my professional role from many great educators and leaders.  My opportunity to travel with the grade 8s over several years provide me with memories I will treasure forever.  The Edgewater Fortune trip was one  got to take four times, and Cheakamus twice.  Band trips to Moose Jaw with the grade 7/8 bands, and ski trips in the early years are some of the awesome times I have had.

As I sit here and think about my time at this job ending, I am excited about my new job beginning, but I know that most of all what I will miss is the day-in-day-out routines and interactions with my students.  I am grateful to all my students for being with me, bearing with me and teaching me all about what it means to teach, to learn and to enjoy a job for ten years.

On to new horizons!


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