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Two Months Into a New School Year

We are about two months into a new school year, and so much has already happened.  Our school, Rundle College, is always abuzz with activity.  Students get involved, teachers get involved - EVERYONE is involved here.  We are a true community, and it is amazing to be a part of it.

A while back I ran across a blog post that I sent out to my colleagues because it truly struck a chord with me.  I knew it would hit home with my colleagues as well.  It did.  I ran across that same blog post today, as a friend of mine on Facebook shared it.  It is a post by C. Mielke about caring for students and why we do what we do as teachers.  He says, "As long as you are in my life, I am not going to let quitting be easy for you.  I am going to challenge you, confront you, push you, and coach you.  You can whine.  You can throw a tantrum.  You can shout and swear and stomp and cry.  And the next day, guess what?  I will be here waiting — smiling and patient — to give you a fresh start.  Because you are worth it."  

Students are worth it.  Now that I have been teaching for over 10 years (12, exactly) I am seeing olders students and learning about their paths in life.  If, along the way, we all work together as teachers and CARE and show these kids that quitting and taking the easy route is not an option, we will see these kids make amazing life choices and do great things.  One student I had the opportunity to teach is now representing Canada in track and field.  Another two are making a difference for the homeless in their cities.

After two months in and we are at a time where the first term is about to end, we complete report cards and prepare for parent-teacher interviews, teachers hit a wave of exhaustion.  It is always good to remind ourselves why we do what we do.

I am entering my final weekend of coaching, another part of my life as a teacher.  I absolutely love coaching, and over the years definitely come up against obstacles.  This year is no different.  So, as I reflect on two months of teaching, I am also reflecting on the volleyball season that is about to end.  I tell my girls on my team to "dig in", and "dig deep" to find the gumption to get to the end, to show grit and determination to succeed.  All of these are good words to remember at this point of the school year.  Never settle in, never get comfortable.  Always stay on your toes, show grit, fight until the end.  Point by point in volleyball, and day by day in the classroom.

Looking forward to what this year will continue to bring.


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