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In the "Spotlight" with EdTechTeam

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to work with my friend and mentor, +Michelle Armstrong as a part of her EdTeachTeam for the Thunder Bay Google Summit.  What a fantastic experience to be a part of this team of brilliant presenters and educators.  Alongside +Michael Wacker , +Donnie Piercey , +Emily Fitzpatrick, +Scott Monahan and +Les Macbeth, I was a Spotlight Speaker for the Summit.

I have presented at Google Summits before, but this was my first time as part of the team.  +Michelle  knows how to lead.  As our fearless and energetic leader, she had us all in great spirits and high energy.  I enjoyed being able to be there for the Pre-Summit day.  I didn't present that day, but I was able to help out by running errands for Michelle so we were prepared to get the Summit ready at the end of the Pre-Summit day.  Once I picked up Michael Wacker from the airport, I dropped he and his amazing daughter off at St. Ignatius High School.  Michael informed me that the errand…