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#Tor16 - Google Innovator Academy BOUND!

So this summer I had a goal.  I was going to apply to the Google Innovator Academy by the end of August.  As the deadline of August 30th got nearer, I still had one task to do to ensure I could apply - pass my Level 2 Google Educator test.

I scheduled my test for a cooler day on the weekend, so that I wouldn't miss out on any nice summer weather.  The day came and I had my husband take my kids out of the house so I could have peace and quiet in order to focus on my test.  He got them out for a solid 3 hours, perhaps it was even longer.  I was so nervous because I had taken the test blindly almost  a year ago, and didn't pass.  I then took it again this spring, but didn't pass - I scored a 78%.  Needing an 80% to pass, I knew I could do it, but got gun shy so put it off again.

Knowing the Innovator application deadline was at the end of August, it had to be done.  So there I sat alone in my home with my two laptops.  The test seemed to be going well.  When it came time to submit for marking, my heart was beating like crazy.  I clicked, I waited and then...
Man!  I was so relieved.  I knew then that I had my work cut out for me though, as it was two weeks from the Innovator application deadline.

I began to work on my application.  I tuned in to a Hangout on Air about the application process and got some good tips.  I consulted with a friend about my application, consulted another friend, and they both seemed to think things were looking good.  My final portion of my application was my video to promote my Vision project.  I am nervous about video and being on video, but I knew I had to make it good.  I Googled, and came across - this is how I was going to make my video.  In my opinion, it wasn't stellar, but it was done.  I compiled my application by completing the form, and hit SUBMIT.  Wow!  What a feeling to have completed that, but now the nerves set in!

Those of us who applied had a week to wait.  There were likely hundreds of applications from all over the world.  Less than 40 people would likely be chosen.  It was hard to stay calm for the week, but work was something that kept my mind occupied.  Everytime I looked at Twitter, however, I got nervous because when I searched the hashtag #TOR16, amazing videos were being posted by people who had applied.  I honestly didn't think it was going to happen for me, and I began to be okay with that.  I was proud of myself for just applying.

Tuesday, September 6th came and Twitter was blowing up with anxious people waiting to hear the news.  It was incredible how many people were proclaiming their impatience on Twitter, myself included.  Was the announcement even going to happen today?  They said it would!  People were refreshing their email constantly, even running their batteries low on their phones!  I had gotten home from work and was settling in to make dinner for my family when...."DING!"  I got an email.

It says "Innovator Program" - holy smokes!  OPEN IT!  OPEN IT!  OPEN IT!



Today, a solid 24 hours later, I am still in disbelief.  Also, to find out that I will be the first Albertan to complete the Google Certified Innovator program makes me very proud, and humbled.

I hope I can prove that their selection of me was a good choice, and I hope that I can make all those who believe in me proud.  This is going to be amazing!  I am going to meet such amazing educators and innovators, and I will be working with proven people in the field of EdTech and within innovation.  I am grateful to my admin for supporting me and allowing me to go to Toronto in October to be a part of something so special.  

Overall, I am just happy that one day someone told me that if this path is something I really want to do, I should prioritize it and just make it happen in my life.  Thank you to her - she knows who she is.


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