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More than Phones and iPads Keep Them Awake!

The last two nights my 12-year-old daughter has been having a hard time falling asleep.  My husband and I thought that with two kids over the age of 8, we would be over the late night wake-ups...sadly they are back, and I hope they don't last.

Many people believe, and I am one of them, that keeping technology out of kids' bedrooms is a positive thing.  Absolutely.  That stimulus isn't there anymore and they won't be up late at night on their iPads or phones (my kids don't have phones yet).  Well, last night was night two of my daughter not being able to sleep, and her iPad doesn't go in her room.  Night one, she came to us, and we talked to her, calmed her down, and she was able to go back to bed and eventually fall asleep.  Last night, however, was a different story.  I had to go to her room and lay with her to help her to calm down.  She gets too overworked worrying that there is a bad reason why she can't get to sleep.

When I walked into her room, I was ov…

Checking in on #20Time

A few years ago, I decided to bring in the 20Time project to my classroom.  Inspired by Kevin Brookhouser, I knew that it would be a project that would be beneficial for my students, and I also knew that they would appreciate the change in learning.

After leaving my teaching job last year, I was leaving the #20Time project in the hands of the teachers I taught it to.  I shared everything with the teacher who was taking my position, and I knew the project would continue.  At the start of the 2017-18 school year, I was fortunate enough to be asked to go into the school and work with a couple of classes to get them started on their project and teach them about what the project is, essentially.  After two classes with each group, I could see that there were some amazing ideas floating around and that we would see great things come from this group.

My participation in the year then became only through Flipgrid updates that I had them do for me.  They would create a short reflection Flipgri…

Project Find My Voice

I turned 40 recently.
Why is it that milestone birthdays cause people to reflect on their life?  Another decade, another year, more memories to make.  I am not the exception, as I definitely reflected - a lot - before and after April 11th.  I left my teaching job last year and took a new job and I paused for a time during that decision process.  As anyone would tell you when they make a life-altering decision like that.  We need to make sure it is the right choice for ourselves.

My thoughts this time, when I thought about getting older, revolved around the idea of where I have come.  A few years back, I put into motion "Project Find My Voice".  I have always been what I would consider a strong, independent woman, but I didn't always feel secure in what I had to say or contribute.  I always thought I wasn't as smart or articulate as those I surround myself with.  I constantly felt like an imposter in my professional and sometimes social situations.  When I silently e…